Autor: Barbro

Summercamp 2017

We’ve participated in the E-textile Summercamp 2017 and joined the E-Textile Summerfest with pecha cucha and workshop.

Smart Rituals

Participation in the workshop ‚Smart Rituals‘ by Mika Satomi of Kobakant. The workshop was a part of the ADA-Hamburg festival, dealing with possible smart rituals when collected data about a place become figures. I created a weather city sheep, sending data about climate condition to…

E-Textile Jewelry

Smocking-Studie und Kostüm-Requisite für Filmprojekt von Michael Gülzow und Michael Simku, Wien, 2013. Leder, LEDs Smocking study and costume for movie by Michael Gülzow und Michael Simku, Vienna, 2013. Leather, LEDs