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Ttorch – E-Textiles wearable light toy

Hey, here comes Jeffy! I am an e-textile octopus, living in a little e-textile world. I can be your light through the night, on travel or at home, and you can even explore some electronics with me on my deep sea blanket. The kit consists…

textile intersections

Betalight will be presented together with Kristi Kuusk, Marina Toeters, Paula Veske at Textile Intersections Conference in London Sept 12-14 2019 in London, Loughborough University.

TTorch – awarded with WORTH

E-Textiles Development Kit for younger children. The project aims to develop a sustainable e-textile toy and while doing that, creating methods for collaborative making on distance with professionals of different fields from design and technology. In Collaboration with Paula Veske. Social media:Facebook: TTorchetextilesInstagram: TTorchetextiles #ttorch…

Your Balance

Your Balance is an interactive, textile jewelery with the inspiration taken from insects. It is a critical design project that deals with the control through the 24/7 availability and the expectation of efficient time-use we live with today. It questions our passive acceptance of applications…

Summercamp 2017

We’ve participated in the E-textile Summercamp 2017 and joined the E-Textile Summerfest with pecha cucha and workshop.