Kategorie: Smart Textiles

textile intersections

Betalight will be presented together with Kristi Kuusk, Marina Toeters, Paula Veske at Textile Intersections Conference in London Sept 12-14 2019 in London, Loughborough University.

Your Balance

Your Balance is an interactive, textile jewelery with the inspiration taken from insects. It is a critical design project that deals with the control through the 24/7 availability and the expectation of efficient time-use we live with today. It questions our passive acceptance of applications…

Smart Rituals

Participation in the workshop ‚Smart Rituals‘ by Mika Satomi of Kobakant. The workshop was a part of the ADA-Hamburg festival, dealing with possible smart rituals when collected data about a place become figures. I created a weather city sheep, sending data about climate condition to…